concierge case management

Our approach to case management is centered on clinical best practice, providing our families with the skills and resources they need to reintroduce stability and calm into their home. We call it concierge case management, because imadi understands that each family is different and each child is unique.

Concierge Case Management

We are there for you.
Our case managers work with you in a collaborative process of assessment, planning, and facilitation of your family’s care.

Home-Based Support

We got you covered.
imadi provides homework assistance, carpool rides, coordinated meal delivery, and various other ancillary support services to seamlessly keep your home life stable and running smoothly.

Hospital-Based Support

We’ll bring the magic.
Our trained and dedicated volunteers will reintroduce the joy of childhood back into any hospital room.

Parent Respite

Everyone needs a break.
We can send trained volunteers to take over so you can have a necessary break from the hospital or home.

Insurance Advocacy

Dealing with insurance coverage can be overwhelming. Let us handle it.
Insurance eligibility and coverage should never be a concern for our clients. We provide pro-bono advocates to help you navigate any questions or problems that arise.

Meal Support

Bon Appetit.
We collaborate with a compendium of nonprofit organizations and local restaurants to bring delicious meals right to your kitchen table, or hospital room.

Financial Aid

Financial stress is the last thing our families should have to worry about. We are partnering with local institutions and foundations to provide short-term financial aid to families.