Nestled away in the serene reflections of the Chesapeake Bay, imadi’s four-week magical overnight summer experience for children with life-threatening illnesses and lifelong medical conditions.

Session 1: June 23rd – July 4th
Session 2: July 7th – July 16th

Nest Location: 470 Wapiti Lane, North East, Maryland, 21901 Conveniently located only a one-hour drive from Pikesville, Maryland and an hour and thirty-five minutes from Silver Spring, Maryland.


Our dedicated staff isn’t just highly trained—they’re the heart and soul of our year-round organization. Handpicked for their unique skills, passion, and deep understanding of children with complex health diagnoses, our team maintains nearly a 1:1 camper-to-staff ration that ensures that every camper’s experience is nothing short of extraordinary. 


We celebrate our program for being a magically inclusive haven, catering to children with chronic illnesses, complex genetic conditions, and neurodiversity. Here, differences are not just accepted but embraced, creating a vibrant community where everyone feels valued and supported. With specialized care and a commitment to understanding and accommodating individual needs, we ensure that every child’s camp experience is not just extraordinary, but truly transformative.


We believe that having everyone under one roof is a successful model for fostering a sense of community and responsibility, offering our campers a unique environment that enhances social bonds and personal growth. 


Dive into a world where traditional camp activities blend seamlessly with wildly adventures straight out of your imagination. From classic bonfires and canoeing to futuristic laser-tag battles and Wonka-inspired chocolate river slip-and-slides, our camp offers an unforgettable fusion of fun and fantasy.


Delicious, nutritious, and lovingly crafted each week by our talented in-house chef, our menu delights both taste buds and health-conscious minds alike while upholding the highest kosher standards. 


Experience the transformative power of our camp as we cultivate a positive and inclusive Jewish identity in our campers, enriching not only their time with us but also their lives beyond our grounds. Our commitment to diversity among both staff and campers fosters a sense of Jewish community that embraces and celebrates differences.


With a dedicated medical professional on-site, we proudly welcome children with complex health diagnoses, offering a safe and nurturing environment where they can thrive. Our skilled medical professionals ensure round-the-clock care and are in constant communication with parents, providing peace of mind and allowing every camper to fully enjoy their summer adventures.


There is no cost for attendance, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to experience the magic of summer camp. We kindly ask parents to consider making a contribution to support our mission of inclusion and excellence. Your generosity ensures that we can continue to provide unforgettable experiences for all campers, regardless of their financial circumstances.