volunteer engagement

imadi is positioned at the intersection of transformative volunteer experiences and a critical community service, creating an empowered Jewish volunteer to deliver innovative support to our families.

We recognize that our volunteers represent diverse backgrounds and walks of life, and strive to provide experiences the reflect that sensitives and values of the communities that they represent.


Volunteer Impact Board

An annual cohort of volunteer leaders empowered to make tangible impact on an organizational level.

Bnei Mitzva Projects

Celebrate your Bar or Bat Mitzvah with imadi by joining your peers and participating in a 4-part series including:

  • Educational sessions on topics like chessed, leadership, and community responsibility
  • Gain an insiders view to the inner workings of imadi 
  • Learn about fundraising, allocation, and distribution of charitable funds
  • Plan and implement a special activity for children facing complex pediatric health diagnoses 

Nonprofit Accelerator

An exclusive program for qualifying volunteers, the Nonprofit Accelerator places volunteers at the forefront of the nonprofit sector and meeting leaders of the industry from various organizations in Washington DC and Maryland.

Inclusion Toolbox

Optional classes for volunteers to learn braille and sign language.

The With Me Podcast

Subscribe to our monthly podcast and meet the children, volunteers, donors, and board members that make up the imadi family, hosted by our student co-hosts.

The Fellows Initiative

 A unique leadership opportunity that presents one-of-a-kind volunteer opportunities for 8th and 9th grade students.

Legacy Torah Seminars

Our Legacy Torah Seminars feature thought-provoking and enticing educational classes for imadi volunteers. Each seminar introduces an engaging topic – with an emphasis on leadership, community, and philanthropy –  and explores the timeless wisdom of the Torah as a roadmap for contemporary life. 

Volunteer Conference

The volunteer conference is a dynamic, educational, and impactful weekend of inspirational classes and team-building activities that both challenge and empower imadi volunteers to become future Jewish leaders in their communities.